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Discover our range of handheld laser welding machines, featuring four essential series – Smart HW, Smart HWA, Smart HWS, and Smart HWE. These series mark a significant advancement in laser welding technology. The Smart HW Series emphasizes aesthetics, performance, and safety. The Smart HWA Series focuses on rapid, consumable-free welding, especially suitable for various metals. The SMART HWS Series, in comparison to traditional laser welding machines, offers a space-saving advantage by occupying only half the space. Lastly, the Smart HWE Series impresses with its 3-in-1 functionality and adaptability, covering welding, cutting, and cleaning, fulfilling diverse industry requirements.

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Yupec Laser Germany GmbH, located in Hilden, Germany, stands as a key player in the European laser technology sector. We specialize in the research and application of technologies such as laser precision processing, intelligent laser automation welding, laser automated surfacing, and intelligent high-speed image engraving.

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Laser technology has become a core technology in the manufacturing, construction, and electronics and semiconductor industries. It provides these sectors with efficient, precise, and flexible solutions, helping them adapt better to market demands and technological advancements.​

Laser technology takes various forms, including laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, and laser cladding (surface treatment). Laser cutting technology offers high-precision material cutting services, while laser welding technology is used to provide high-strength and high-precision connection solutions. Laser marking technology is an essential tool for product identification and tracking, and laser cladding technology can enhance material performance and prolong its lifespan by modifying the surface of the material.

The corresponding products we developed in collaboration with HG TECH and Hantai Intelligent are the core products in this field. The product range covers a series of efficient and precise laser cutting machines and laser welding machines. They can meet the production needs of various industries and are widely applied in the processing applications of many metal and non-metal materials.

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At Yupec, our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in our personalized approach to customer service. From the moment you choose our products to the post-installation phase, we ensure you receive unparalleled support tailored to your unique needs. 

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