Tube-Master Precision Series

The Smart LCT Series Laser Cutting Machine is designed to excel in the precision cutting of small tubes. With a focus on specialized tube cutting, it accommodates diameters of up to Φ15mm, ensuring precise and clean cuts for tube-based applications.


Product Advantages

The primary advantage of the Smart LCT Series is its specialization in tube cutting. With a focus on small tubes up to Φ15mm in diameter, it excels in delivering precise, clean cuts for tube-based applications. This specialization ensures that your tube cutting needs are met with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

The machine offers a range of Fiber laser sources from 500W to 1500W. This versatility allows you to tailor the laser power to match the specific materials and projects you’re working on. Whether you need high power for robust cuts or lower power for delicate tasks, the Smart LCT Series adapts to your requirements.

A notable advantage is the machine’s remarkable speed, with a maximum moving speed of 120m/min and an acceleration rate of 1.2G. This capability significantly reduces production time, making it ideal for industries where rapid tube cutting is essential.

Precision is a core strength of the Smart LCT Series. It offers exceptional position accuracy (X and Y axis) and reposition accuracy (X and Y axis) of 0.02mm, alongside an impressive positioning accuracy of the rotation axis at 5 arc-seconds. This level of precision ensures that each cut and each piece of tubing meets stringent quality standards, reducing material wastage and rework.

Another advantage is its adaptability in handling different processing lengths. It supports continuous processing for tubes up to 6 meters long, catering to high-volume production. Additionally, it accommodates single-piece processing for tubes up to 300mm in length, providing versatility for various project requirements.

Operating on a standard 220V 50/60Hz power supply simplifies integration into your existing workshop setup. This convenience ensures ease of operation and reduces the need for complex electrical modifications.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters
Laser Source
Fiber : 500W - 1500W
Max Moving Speed
120 m/min, Acceleration is 1.2G
Position Accuracy (X and Y axis)
0.02 mm
Reposition Accuracy (X and Y axis)
0.02 mm
Positioning Accuracy of Rotation Axis
5 arc - sec
≤ Φ15mm
Processing Length
Continuous processing: ≤ 6m
Single piece processing: ≤ 300mm
Power Supply Requirement
220v 50 / 60Hz
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