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Intelligent Cleaning System

In a world where industries are constantly evolving, the necessity for more advanced and efficient cleaning solutions is palpable. Yupec is at the forefront of this evolution, ushering in a new era of integrated cleaning solutions that seamlessly blend innovation with efficiency. These revolutionary systems are specifically designed to overcome the limitations of traditional cleaning methods, which have been long plagued by issues such as high costs, potential environmental harm, and inconsistency in cleaning quality.

As a beacon of innovation, Yupec introduces an array of cleaning solutions that embody sophistication and high-tech engineering. Our product range, from the Multi-robot Collaborative Intelligent Cleaning System to the compact yet potent SMART HP / HC SERIES, is a testament to our commitment to redefining industrial cleaning standards.

High Precision

Achieved through the use of 6-axis robots and high-resolution CCD cameras.

Eco-Friendly Operations

With virtually no chemical waste produced, the environmental footprint is minimal.


Due to reduced labor and maintenance costs, coupled with the absence of consumables.

Operational Speed and Efficiency

Owing to automated components that speed up the cleaning process.


With intuitive control systems that facilitate quick learning and operation.

Adaptable to Various Materials

Our systems are capable of cleaning a range of materials, including metals and plastics, without causing damage.
Multi-robot Collaborative Intelligent Cleaning System

Multi-robot Collaborative Intelligent Cleaning System

Utilizing multiple high load six-axis industrial robots to clamp the...
Lifting Walk-behind Auto-Cleaning System

Lifting Walk-behind Auto-Cleaning System

Hydraulic cylinders or speed reducers are used inside the equipment for...
Robotic Conveyorized Cleaning System

Robotic Conveyorized Cleaning System

It adopts single or multiple XYZ right-angle coordinate mechanism hand...
Pallet Walk-through Auto-Cleaning System

Pallet Walk-through Auto-Cleaning System

Adopting chain+tray conveying form, it can realize fixed-point cleaning...
Compact Handheld Laser Cleaners - Smart HC Series

Compact Handheld Laser Cleaners - Smart HC Series

Laser Source: Fiber & 1.5KW/ 2KW/ 3KW. Wavelength: 5-10m. Cooling...
Compact Handheld Laser Cleaners - Smart HP Series

Compact Handheld Laser Cleaners - Smart HP Series

Power: 100 / 200 / 500 / 1000W. SMART-HP100 / HP200 / HP500...

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