Axis PrecisionCut Series

The AXIS Series is your go-to choice for precision laser cutting applications, skillfully crafted to fulfill the diverse needs of modem industries ranging from hardware manufacturing to jewelry crafting and electronic sheet metal precision machining. Embarking on a journey with the AXIS Series translates to stepping into a world of efficiency, precision and reliability, where technology meets craftsmanship.


Product Advantages

 The AXIS Series offers three models to suit various project requirements: AXIS600 (600mm×400mm worktop), AXIS800 (800mm×600mm worktop), and AXIS1000 (1000mm×800mm worktop). This versatility ensures you can choose the right machine for your specific needs.

Each machine comes equipped with an industrial computer mainframe and cutting software, streamlining the cutting process and making it easier for operators to achieve precise results.

 Featuring a 19-inch LCD industrial computer monitor, the AXIS Series provides a clear and user-friendly interface for monitoring and controlling your cutting tasks.

With laser power options ranging from 500W to 3000W, this machine offers flexibility in adapting to different materials and project requirements. It ensures consistent cutting power across various workpieces.

The AXIS Series excels in precision cutting, with a positioning accuracy of approximately ±0.05mm (X-axis, Y-axis) and impressive repeatability of approximately ±0.03mm (X-axis, Y-axis). This level of precision guarantees that each cut meets stringent quality standards.

 The water cooling system maintains optimal operating temperatures, ensuring prolonged machine life and reliability during extended cutting sessions.

The machine offers optional accessories, including customized fixtures and rotary tables, to enhance its versatility and adaptability for specific tasks.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters
600mm × 400mm
800mm × 600mm
1000mm × 800mm
Industrial Computer Monitors
19-inch LCD
Laser Power
500W - 3000W
Cutting Thickness
0.5 - 3mm
Positioning Accuracy
Approx. ±0.05mm (X-axis, Y-axis)
Approx. ±0.03mm (X-axis, Y-axis)
Cooling System
Water cooling
Optional Accessories
Customized fixtures, rotary tables
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