Line Pipe Laser Welding

The TW series CNC profile online welding system working with forming line to be used for the continuously laser welding of low-alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, 5A06\6061 aluminum alloy info round square, oval and other shape tubes.


Product Description

Profiles tubes are widely used in manufacturing of anti-collision beams, bumpers, exhaust pipes, skylight support brackets and elevator slides, seamless steel pipes, special-shaped pipes, laser replaced traditional argon arc welding and high-frequency welding process methods, greatly improving the product Quality (better strength) and production efficiency(much faster than argon arc welding, slower than high-frequency welding <however high-frequency welding has high welding slag inside and outside required to be removed online >), laser welding needs to be matched with high-quality rolling line. The weld is infinitely long.

The weld strength of laser welding of the profile tube is generally higher than base material , which can withstand high-strength secondary forming such as flaring, necking, and flanging. The speed is fast, the heat affected zone of the weld is small, the surface is beautifully formed and no scraper is needed online Hanging finished after welding.

Technical Parameters

TW Series
Laser Power
1000 - 20000W
Stroke Range (X/Y/Z)
100 × 2000 x 200mm (standard model, can be customized)
Fast Moving Speed
Positioning Accuracy
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