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Yupec Laser Germany GmbH, located in Hilden, Germany, stands as a key player in the European laser technology sector. We specialize in the research and application of technologies such as laser precision processing, intelligent laser automation welding, laser automated surfacing, and intelligent high-speed image engraving. These technologies play a pivotal role in modern manufacturing, offering efficient, precise, and reliable solutions to our clientele.

Our team consists of seasoned engineers, technical experts, and market strategists. Their profound understanding of laser technology, combined with a sharp insight into market demands and trends, allows us to deliver solutions that genuinely resonate with our clients’ needs. Choosing Yupec means partnering with an entity that possesses deep expertise, extensive experience, and a broad collaboration network in the laser technology domain. We pledge that no matter the complexity of your requirements, we have the capability to provide a solution that meets your satisfaction.

Our Commitment

Environmental Responsibility

At Yupec, we recognize the importance of environmental protection. Hence, we are committed to the research and promotion of eco-friendly laser technology products. Our equipment is designed to reduce energy consumption and waste. Additionally, we actively participate in various environmental projects and initiatives, contributing to the protection of our planet.

We deliver a full-service solution

Why Choose Yupec?

Our seasoned technical team is always ready to offer comprehensive technical consultations and support. Whether it’s equipment installation, operation, or maintenance, we provide prompt and expert solutions.

Given the diverse product range from our partners, we prioritize stocking essential components, ensuring a rapid response in emergencies and meeting your needs without delay.

We offer various delivery methods tailored to your requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process.

Every device undergoes a triple quality check, from production to warehousing to dispatch, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Our showroom in Germany offers a tangible experience. Under expert guidance, you can test and evaluate our equipment, ensuring they align perfectly with your needs.

Our technical experts will visit your facility, providing detailed equipment operation training to your team, ensuring mastery over all functionalities.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the sale. We offer genuine customer service and ongoing technical support.

Our devices are equipped with components from globally renowned manufacturers, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the equipment.

Beyond the standard 24-month warranty, we offer the option to extend it up to 60 months, ensuring your equipment remains in optimal condition.

Our close collaborations with industry leaders like HG TECH and Hubei Hantai Intelligent Equipment ensure our technology remains at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge solutions.

20+ Years of Expertise

Focusing on Laser Equipments
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Rigorous Quality Control​

High Standard Production Facilities
Strict Quality Control Process

Professional Engineers

Rich Experience of Application
Ontime Technical Support

Excellent Customer Service​

One-stop Solution
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Yupec Laser Germany GmbH

Itterpark 2, 40724 Hilden, Germany

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Yupec Laser Germany GmbH
Amtsgericht Jena, HRB 519333
Ust-Id~Nr. DE3552294798

Yupec Laser Germany GmbH

Itterpark 2, 40724 Hilden

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