Raytools 0-6KW Fiber Laser Cutting Head BS06K

The cutting head is lightweight, facilitating fast acceleration. Its optimized optical configuration and efficient airflow design significantly enhance both cutting quality and efficiency. Equipped with QBH and G5 fiber optic interfaces, the BS06K is adaptable to a range of mainstream lasers. The cutting head features wireless network connectivity, allowing users to read monitoring data on mobile devices and CNC systems.


Product Features

Raytools BS06K - Product Details 6

Technical Parameters

BS06K Cutting Head Configuration
Fiber Interface
Fiber Wavelength
Laser Power
Auto Focus Range
- level
-1.5 ~ +1.5mm
- vertical
-17···+17mm / -32···+32mm
Cooling Water
Φ6, max. 5bar, min. 1.5L/min
Cutting Gas
Φ10, max. 25bar
Cooling Gas
Φ8, max. 5bar
Operating Voltage
24V±10%, max. 4A
I/O Interface (19-pin)
max. 30mA
Laser Cutting Head Weight
Backplane Mounting Hole Screw Quantity / Size
Amplifier Mounting Hole Screw Quantity / Size

Product Details

Raytools BS06K - Product Details 1
Raytools BM06K - Product Display 3
Raytools BS06K - Product Details 2
Raytools BS06K - Product Details 3

Product Dimension

Raytools BS06K - Product Details 4

Sample Display

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