Raytools 0-3.3KW 2D AutoFocus Fiber Laser Cutting Head BM110-FC

The innovative product incorporates a built-in motor drive unit that automatically adjusts the position of the focus lens within a 24mm range through a linear mechanism. This feature enables users to establish continuous focus, streamlining the rapid piercing of thick plates and automatic cutting of various thicknesses and materials. The BM110 series is outfitted with a composite lens group of D30 for beam integration. The optics and water cooling design have been optimized to ensure the laser head operates stably at high power for extended durations.


Product Features

Raytools BM110-FC-Product Details - 1-1

Technical Parameters

BM110-FC 2D Cutting Head Configuration
Power Rating
Fiber Interface
Collimator Focal Length
Focusing Lens
Protective Windows
D24.9*1.5 (Upper Protective Windows)
D27.9*4.1 (Lower Protective Windows)
Nozzle Styles
Single Layer, Double Layer
Nozzle Caliber
Ceramics Type

Product Details

Raytools BM110-FC-Product Details - 2
Raytools BM110-FC-Product Details - 5

Product Dimension

Raytools BM110-FC-Product Details - 3-1
Raytools BM110-FC-Product Details - 4-1
Raytools BM110-FC-Product Details - 5-1

Sample Display

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