Payment & Delivery

Our company offers the necessary documentation required by both businesses and government entities.

As a registered company in Germany, we strictly adhere to legal and financial regulations. Hence, for every business transaction, we require the issuance of a legitimate invoice. Please note that our company currently accepts payments exclusively through business-to-business (B2B) transfers.

Kindly note that we do not accept private-to-business (P2B) transfers. This ensures compliance with our financial processes and facilitates efficient and transparent transactions between our respective companies.

Product can be purchased upon request, following a buy-to-order approach

Payment can be made via bank transfer or PayPal to our designated account. Our company will provide all the necessary documentation for this process.

Delivery Terms

We are dedicated to providing timely delivery of our products to our esteemed customers. Under normal circumstances and upon confirming the availability of stock, we guarantee to dispatch your order within 5 days, ensuring prompt shipment as per the agreed schedule.

At Yupec, we prioritize efficiency and strive to meet our customers’ expectations by promptly processing orders and expediting the shipping process. Once we have verified the availability of the requested items in our inventory, we will take all necessary steps to ensure that your order is prepared and dispatched within the specified timeframe.

In the unlikely event of any unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, wars, political unrest, or strikes, which may impact the delivery schedule, we will promptly notify you of any potential delays and work diligently to minimize their impact.

We value your trust in our products and services, and we are committed to fulfilling your orders on time. If you have any inquiries or require further assistance regarding our shipping timeliness guarantee, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer support team.

Delivery can be arranged by our company or picked up by the you, and shipping costs are determined by the total weight and dimensions of the equipment.


We understand that prompt delivery of your ordered equipment is of utmost importance to you. In order to ensure a smooth and convenient on-site pickup experience for both parties, we kindly request your attention to the following guidelines:

1. Prior Communication: If you wish to personally pick up your order from our company premises, we kindly request that you contact us in advance to schedule a pickup appointment. This will allow us to prepare your order and ensure that it is ready for collection upon your arrival.

2. Lead Time: Please note that processing and preparing an order for pickup may take a certain amount of time (normally within 3 days). We recommend allowing sufficient lead time between placing your order and scheduling the pickup to ensure that we can fulfill your request in a timely manner.

3. Coordination: We understand the importance of effective time management for both parties. To ensure a seamless pickup experience, please communicate your preferred pickup date and time, and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. This will enable us to allocate the necessary resources and personnel to facilitate a smooth handover of the equipment.

4. Work Arrangements: We kindly request that you plan your work schedule accordingly to avoid any disruptions during the pickup process. Arriving on time and being prepared to receive the equipment will help streamline the pickup procedure and allow us to efficiently assist you.

5. Documentation: Please bring along the necessary documentation, such as your order confirmation or any other relevant paperwork, to facilitate the pickup process. This will help us verify your identity and ensure a secure transfer of the equipment.

At Yupec, we strive to provide a convenient and efficient service to our valued customers. By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure that both parties can arrange their respective work matters effectively, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Address:
Itterpark 2
40724 Hilden, Germany

Returns and Warranty

We understand the importance of ensuring product quality and performance to give you confidence in your purchase. Therefore, we conduct thorough quality inspections and performance tests on all products before they are delivered to our customers. We are committed to your satisfaction, and we have established the following return and exchange policy for industrial products within 60 days after you confirm receipt of the goods, in cases where there are quality issues due to non-human factors:

1. You may request a return or exchange if the product exhibits quality problems that are not caused by human error.
2. The product must be in its original condition with no obvious signs of use or damage.
3. We will bear the round-trip shipping costs associated with the return or exchange process.

Please note that this policy applies solely to non-human-related quality issues within 60 days of your confirmation of receipt. We are unable to accept return or exchange requests for reasons other than those specified above. We take pride in delivering high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction

Besides, some devices may be eligible for an extended warranty period, depending on the corresponding product.

The warranty does not cover consumables, including those sold with laser sources or machines.

In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the sources or machines (excluding consumables), our company is committed to assisting you in restoring its functionality. For laser equipment repairs, please contact Yupec Technical Support or your designated supervisor. The Contact Information:
Telephone: +49 2103 967 66 82
Email: [email protected]

Repair Time

The repair time will depend on the extent of the issue, but we will make every effort to fix it promptly.

Before shipping, our company meticulously verifies the operational status of the laser sources and machines. Once we are confident that the product is functioning correctly and meets performance requirements, it will be sent back to you.

If you receive a laser source or machine of insufficient quality, you may return it. Our specialists will examine the device to assess the malfunction.

The customer is responsible for the shipping costs associated with returning defective products.

Quality diagnoses

We accept laser sources and machines of insufficient quality for evaluation at our company:
Itterpark 2, 40724 Hilden

Yupec Laser Germany GmbH

Itterpark 2, 40724 Hilden

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